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Raft the 


Looking for adventure? Come raft the Rio Grande for a heart pumping thrill. Enjoy some of the best white water rafting around on the Rio Grande river. The Rio Grande river is one of the longest rivers in all of the United States. It flows from Colorado, through Utah and Texas and New Mexico.
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river rafting

Adventure is calling

The Rio Grande is about 1,900 miles in length. It starts up in Colorado and gains rainfall and melting snow that add to the river.  The river is highest during summer months, and is the best time for river rafting. 

Because of how long the river is with tours you only tackle small bits of the river. Depending on the tour it can even be an over night trip perfect for adventurers. Have a blast with a fun and knowledgeable tour guide as you maneuver the river and her rapids. 

Enjoy the thrill of white water rapids pounding again the raft as you and your friends or family paddle through the little swells and currents. Push through rapids and get soaked with a smile on your face. Have raft wars on the calm stretches and enjoy the river.

Come Raft the Rio Grande

The rivers surroundings are mostly a dry desert. It is a dry hot on the river, so nothing feels better rafting on a cold river under the hot sun. There are tons of sage brush, juniper, cacti and yucca lining the shoreline and the surrounding land.

While on the river keep an eye out for some of the desert animals. There are jack rabbits, coyotes, hawks and much more.

Come raft down the Rio Grande river. Enjoy the thrilling rapids and the calm stretches of the river. Tackle the white water with your friends and family. Enjoy the unique scenery along the river and have fun under the sun. 
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river rafting