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Things To Do

Your stay at Black Range Lodge will enhance inspiration, exploration and relaxation.
Gila National Forest

Go on one of many hikes in the Gila National Forest. Travel through the forest of aspens and majestic mountain ranges. Keep an eye out for the many creatures that live in the area like bighorn sheep, red tailed hawks and more.
Hike the Continental Divide from Emory Pass

Hike the Continental Divide and see the beautiful desert scenery that surrounds the area. The Continental Divide is the divide of rivers and mountains that travel across the Americas.
Mountain Biking

Bring your bikes and fly down the hilly and rocky mountains in New Mexico, through desert areas and get lost in nature. Enjoy the unique scenery and trails that only New Mexico can provide.
Explore Historic Kingston & Hillsboro (on the weekend)

Learn about the history of both of these small towns that are in the Sierra County community. See the towns and how time changed them and how they progressed and grew into what they are today.
Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

Come see the ancient huts and cliff dwellings that were made in the 1200's by the Mogollon people. They stacked thousands of rocks in the bases of cliffs and in caves, creating unique and still standing houses.
City of Rocks State Park

Visit and come see the ancient volcanic rock formations. Some of these formations can be as large as 40 feet tall. These volcanic remains were created over 39 million years ago by now dormant volcanoes.
Rockhound State Park

See the rugged slopes and rock formations that make New Mexico so different. Here you can also see various wildflowers growing and cacti. Come visit the Rockhound State Park.
Raft the Rio Grande

Enjoy some of the best white water rafting around on the Rio Grande river. The Rio Grande river is one of the largest rivers in all of the United States. It flows from Colorado, through Utah and Texas and New Mexico.
Eco-tours of the Ladder Ranch

Want to see Bison up close? Here at the Ladder Ranch there are hundreds on bison, that you can see up close. Come visit the Ladder Ranch and see wildlife up close.
There are no attractions to show.