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come dine at the

-Hillsboro General Store Cafe-

Looking for the perfect small town diner? Then come dine at the General Store Cafe. Here they serve everything from breakfast burritos and pancakes to a burger with a ton of fries for dinner. Come eat at the General Store Cafe. 
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Woke up late or ready to start the day right with something yummy? Be sure to come grab breakfast from the Hillsboro General Store Cafe. 

They serve;The breakfast burrito, a flour tortilla stuffed full with hash browns, pinto beans smothered with red or green chili sauce and your choice of eggs & sausage or eggs & bacon.

The super breakfast sandwich, 2 eggs with bacon, tomato, mayo, sliced onion and melted cheese on whole wheat toast. The breakfast enchiladas has 2 corn tortillas layered with diced onions, cheese, hash browns and topped with two eggs. 

A popular dish is the green eggs and ham. It has 2 eggs scrambled with green chili, cheese and served with a slice of ham, hash browns and toast. 

Or try the Highway 152 Pile-up meal. With flour tortillas topped with hash browns, pinto beans, scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage and cheese. To see even more options check out their super yummy Breakfast Menu.

Lunch & Dinner

Passing by or need to grab some dinner? Be sure to stop by the Hilsboro General Store Cafe for the best food in Hilsboro.

For dinner they serve;the chef salad with organic greens, tomato, cucumber, black olives, hard boiled eggs, julienne Swiss cheese, ham and turkey breast with our house vinaigrette sauce. 

The bacon Swiss mushroom burger has a 5 oz. patty topped with bacon, sauteed fresh mushrooms and Swiss cheese. served with your choice of lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. 

One of the popular menu items is the burrito sumpremo with a flour tortilla stuffed with potato grilled sirloin with red or green chili and cheese. served rice, beans, lettuce and tomatoes. 

Try the beef enchiladas, 2 rolled corn tortillas stuffed with ground beef with red or green chili and cheese. served rice, beans, lettuce and tomatoes. To see more of the yummy menu see their Lunch & Dinner Menu.
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