The Mogollon Indians

A prehistoric culture, the Mogollon lived in small pueblos throughout the Gila region, and east to the Rio Grande. Contemporaries of the Anasazi of northern New Mexico, they flourished from before the time of Christ for over 1000 years.

The Gila Cliff Dwellings is the best preserved of the hundreds of these town sites across the region. South-facing caves were enhanced by stone walls, quarried locally, housing generations of Indians. Diligent farmers of corn, beans and squash, they were excellent weavers and skilled potters.

Mimbres Classic, a black-on-white pottery with geometric and photographic designs, surpasses other prehistoric pottery in beauty and vitality. The Mogollon Indians left the area about 1300 AD, with contemporary theories of drought or inter-tribal warring suggested as possible reasons.

You can see fine collections of their pottery at museums in Silver City and Truth or Consequences.

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