The Black Range Lodge - Kingston, New Mexico, 88042, United States

Meals at the Lodge

An natural foods breakfast is served buffet-style from 8-l0 AM, featuring whole-grain bread, cereal, fruit, juice, waffles, and eggs from local free-range chickens.

The Lodge proudly serves organic, shade grown "Just Coffee" – grown, roasted and marketed by a family-farm cooperative enterprise, which creates jobs in Mexico, and returns the full cost of the coffee to the growers.

For other meals, visitors may keep food fresh in the guest fridge, and prepare it in our user-friendly kitchen. Or cafes in nearby Hillsboro offer fine Mexican and American menus.

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The Black Range Lodge
119 Kingston Main Street
Kingston, New Mexico, 88042, United States
Call: (575) 895-5652 | 800-676-5622


the Black Range Lodge - a Bed & Breakfast and Retreat Center in Kingston, New Mexico