Geology and Climate

geology-and-climate-1.jpg.143x143_defaultEons ago, a tropical sea covered southwest New Mexico, leaving fossilized shells behind as vestiges of its ocean life. Ancient volcanic upheavals created rugged mountain ranges, depositing the valuable gold, silver and other minerals found there. The numerous Hot Springs in the region are evidence of continuing geothermal activity, and the City of Rocks stands today like a natural Stonehenge – the result of an unusual volcanic eruption.

Four gentle seasons grace the Gila high country. Its cool mountain air entices travelers up in the summer months. July and August will often bring afternoon rains. Fall means crisp days, the apple harvest, and spectacular colors among the aspens. In winter, the snow along the top of the range invites cross-country skiers. Sunny and warm, most spring days are ideal for outdoor activities.

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